How Much Does a House Renovation Cost?

A house is probably the most expensive investment you will buy in your lifetime but turning your house into a home begs for another investment but renovation costs are difficult to determine as everyone has different needs and requirements. So how much does it cost to renovate a house into a home? London DoBuild construction company will help you focus on your priorities and help you create the home of your dreams.


A house is probably the most expensive investment you will buy in your lifetime but turning your house into a home begs for another investment but renovation costs are difficult to determine as everyone has different needs and requirements. So how much does it cost to renovate a house into a home? London Dobuild construction company will help you focus on your priorities and help you create the home of your dreams.

Before you begin to map out your dream house, you need to work out exactly how much you are willing to spend on the renovation. Where will you finance the project? Will you use your savings or bonuses or will you take a loan from the bank? But once you work out your financing, you can fix your budget. And when your budget is fixed, add some contingency costs for the “just in case” scenarios because you never know when your plan falters into a completely different track.Now you have to work on your list of priorities. You have to figure out what adds more value to your house. Do you want to add extensions to your London home? Do you want to turn your basement into a game room? Do you want to turn your loft into a living space? Or do you simply want to upgrade your kitchen space and bathrooms? If you own an older property, it is difficult to transform it back to the state it was in its glory days if it was neglected over the years. Once you figure out what might enhance the layout of your house, you can initiate the renovation process.

The final investment you need to make will depend on the condition and size of the property, structural works and the quality of the actual finishing materials. Renovation costs begin from around £1,250 per square meter. The guide below by Dobuild Construction will help you figure out the approximate expenses a house renovation in London will take.


If you own a house in London, you know that space is hard to come by. Even an additional square foot is precious. What do you do when you cannot make space outside? How about you transform your rarely used basement? This task is even easier now as the latest technology and equipment alleviate problems caused by any potential damps. This way you can convert your basement to any room you can think of.

You can build a gym or game room. You can make space for an office or have an additional guest room. Your choices are limitless! Anything you need, Dobuild will organise it for you. There are still some things to consider before proceeding. The Party Wall Act requires you to inform your neighbours before planning any such project. In certain areas, you will need their permission too. Because of the high rainfall experienced in the United Kingdom, it is crucial for any basement or cellar in London to be waterproofed. Dobuild will show you all the available options and will walk you through the entire process. All of these systems can guarantee you that no water will penetrate the surfaces. You can read more about Basement Conversions in London here.


The kitchen is the heart of a household- the center of activity. Remodelling a kitchen can hamper the day to day activities of a household so the process is neither quick nor inexpensive. Homeowners have several reasons to remodel their kitchen regardless. An outdated kitchen may accumulate plenty of unwanted problems. These may include a small countertop space or even a drawer which never closes. Remodelling a kitchen improves its functionality and eliminates any inconvenience that comes along with it. The cost of refurbishing a new kitchen may range from £10,000 and can even go up to £60,000. This cost includes cabinets and hardware, worktops, installation, appliances, electrical and plumbing works as well.



Having a contemporary bathroom can add a touch of opulence to your home without breaking your bank. Upgrading your bathroom with energy-efficient equipment allows you to save money in the long run. These elements include electrical or plumbing work, sanitary ware, tiles, faucets, and so on and the cost of installing a new bathroom ranges from £5,000 up to £20,000.



Several properties have backdated boilers and heating systems that require systematic servicing over time. These are especially problematic during winter and this is one of the telltale signs that you are due for an upgrade. The investment may be high but benefits are higher. Depending on the number and specs of the radiators, a new central heating system may cost around £10,000 to £15,000. These include a combi-boiler and a mega-flow cylinder. An underfloor heating system costs around £80 per square meter based to your specifications.


Damaged doors and windows are difficult to repair and are easier to simply replace. Windows are substantial to keep heat in during the winter season and drafty windows can hike your bills too. The main door and windows are the most prominent features of a house’s facade. If they are worn out, your house will look the same too. The cost of replacing a window depends on whether you choose UPVC, aluminium, timber or Alucad. A standard size UPVC window will cost you around £500 while aluminium would be £900. Timber will be around £1,200 while an Aluclad window will cost around £1,400. The starting price for replacing a quality door is around £300.


An electrical service upgrade may be messy considering all the wires are inside your walls but the process is necessary to protect the overall value of your home. Dobuild will find out exactly what kind of work your house requires. The older your property is, the more electrical work it may require. If your house has the latest electrical wiring, it will increase its value in the market. Electrical installation involves rewiring and refitting sockets, switches, spotlights, and pendants. And the cost may vary from £10,000 to £25,000 depending on the number and specification of the fittings.


Floorings are the foundation of your interior design. They are the first thing your guests look at and it sets the tone of design you are going for. Floors take the brunt of all the activities that go on in the household. New flooring will improve your living space significantly and will infuse your home with a touch of glamour. Depending on the type of floor you choose, the supply and installation of a typical floor finish can cost from £40 to £200 per square meter. And your options range between carpets, laminate, engineered or wooden floor and tiles.



The decorations of your home affect the mood of the people living in your house. A house with a lot of conflicting colours induces stress and anxiety. So when you remodel, you must pay special attention to the painting and plaster to increase the appeal of the rooms. It costs around £80 per square meter depending on the type of paint you use.


Dobuild Construction in London understands how a beautiful effect the happiness and wellbeing of its inhabitant so any style of house extension you crave, the company delivers while working around your budget. The company is well acquainted with the planning process regarding an extension. All the necessary documents will be delivered to the relevant authorities on your behalf including permissions, regulatory approval, agreements, and listed building consents. You should disclose any restrictions your house or area might have to the designers beforehand so the process goes without a hitch!

An extension for a single story house in London will approximately cost from £1,600 to £2,100 per square meter and an additional seventy percent for any extra story. You will need to pay the engineer’s fees, planning application, building regulations application, and party wall survey (if any) along with the construction costs and that sums up to around £1,900 to £3,500. You might incur some additional costs if your land has clayey, marshy or sandy soil that requires a particular building technique or if any pipe works, meters or drains need to be readjusted. Any of these works will be subject to a VAT of twenty percent. You can read more about house extensions in London here.

To conclude, there is nothing better than coming back to a home you adore after a long and arduous day. Dobuild Construction in London understands this and offers free consultation and evaluation to understand the vision of your dream house and help you create it.

Contact Dobuild expert house renovation team today to learn how we could benefit your house renovation project. Call us on 0203 916 5327 or email us at to arrange a free no obligation consultation and quote.

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