Clay + copper delights Dulwich, London

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Clay + copper delights

          Location: Dulwich, London

Situated within The Dulwich Estate, this semi-detached residence presented unique architectural challenges owing to its sloping site, where the street level is markedly elevated compared to the rear garden. Working in a seamless collaboration with A Small Studio and our highly cooperative client, Dobuild delivered an elegant solution that melds form and function. A garden-facing extension was crafted to accommodate the level disparity, leading to a gradual, yet dramatic descent from the entrance into the outdoor space. The design ingeniously leverages this elevation shift to showcase a striking domed ceiling finished in a pink Clayworks texture, seamlessly guiding the eye toward the garden. This serves to moderate the descent into the newly conceived kitchen and dining area, making it a fluid transition rather than an abrupt shift. The colour palette and architectural details were subtly influenced by the client’s collection of Italian artwork, featuring classical architecture. The result is a space that not only meets functional needs but also serves as a harmonious extension of both the home’s historic context and its modern aesthetic aspirations.

Project team

Client: Private
Contractor: Dobuild
Architect: A Small Studio

Structural Engineer: Iain Wright Associates Limited
Photo Credit: Tarry & Perry


House renovation, side return extension and loft enlargement.






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